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Happy 3rd Birthday!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Life is certainly busy when you’re three! And we’ve been so busy living life that we’ve been neglecting this spot on the web. Hopefully we’ll get back to that, but I just wanted to say on here:

Happy Birthday Lucy!

I’ve been having so much fun getting to know who you are. Listening to, and trying to answer, your CONSTANT questions. Keeping up with your energy and your emotions. Playing. Cuddling. Watching your kindness towards our friends, family, and pets. Learning with you. And growing with you too.

Here’s to the next year of grand adventures.

Happy Birthday Momma!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Happy Day, Momma! I love you!


You do so many great things for me…

Enjoy your happy day! I’ll make you some carrot cake.

Bye bye babas!!!

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Well I don’t know about you, but the most exciting thing that’s happened at our house since Lucy turned two is that we said goodbye to diapers! And we held off on writing about it until we were good and sure that we weren’t going to have to eat our words.


(Please excuse the poop talk on this one.) Lucy has been good friends with her little baby bjorn potty since sometime last year.

At first she hated it and refused to sit on it even with all of her clothes on. Then she started sitting on it and her little legs could barely bend and touch the floor. She quickly figured out what one does with the potty, and by February she was pooping on the potty almost all of the time. Oh the rejoicing! The diaper pail stopped smelling so badly and our little over-worked gDiapers got a much needed reprieve. Over the next few months we experimented with “big kid ones” (or underwear as they are more commonly known). Often she wore them at the end of the day – between dinner and bath time.

And then on June 30th, Lucy woke up and said: “Big Kid Ones Please!” So we put big kid ones on and stayed home all day. She had many wet outfits that day. But then on July 1st, she was dry all day long and we’ve gone diaper free since then. Luckily Aunt Jana was here to help with potty training the following week and to convince Lucy that public toilets are not so bad (we had a major relapse on this front while traveling to visit the VT crew).

If you want to see us move fast – just convince Lucy to say “Lucy have to go pee” – we still jump into action and get her to the potty as fast as possible. But she’s also fairly accommodating and will happily use the potty in the back of the car or, in a pinch, the grass. Go Lucy!


Speaking of what happens when we don’t move quickly enough…. One day when Eben and Lucy were home alone, Lucy announced in the kitchen that “Lucy pee.” Oops…. So Eben turned to see Lucy peeing all over the floor. She was dripping, there was a puddle on the floor and poor Eben didn’t know what to do. He picked her up and carried her up the stairs, dripping as they went. As they were headed up the stairs, Lucy informed Eben that “Safi lick up pee.” Apparently what she was saying didn’t exactly register until he got upstairs. Then it sunk in, and sure enough, Safi helped with the clean-up effort. Yech! Needless to say, Lucy is so very good at communicating now too.

Cool off

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Here’s how Lucy likes to cool off. She’s also fond of standing next to the fan and announcing that she is cooling off her tummy.

Still hot here!

Blue, green, and yellow!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Lucy has been working on her colors and talking up a storm! Blue came first, so she’ll often tell you things are blue when they aren’t. But, if it is blue, she definitely knows. Last week she picked up yellow and green. I can’t really do justice to the way she says both colors. Something like “lello” and “gaween”. Adorable!

Lucy also seems to be practicing being 2 so that she’s ready when next month rolls around. She says “NO” a lot, and she can bounce from being happy to being really mad/crying so quickly. I’m trying to keep up!

But now we’re off to the bookstore for story time, then a special treat of pizza and cuppycakes. Yum!

Wild hair

Friday, April 30th, 2010


Lucy is enjoying her rocking “horse” and eagerly awaiting a visit from her Grandmommy and Granddad (Mom and Dad as she calls them)! Momma is procrastinating on the cleaning up for the visit.

Happy Friday everyone.

So much Goose…

Monday, March 1st, 2010

It’s been awhile since our last substantive post, but that doesn’t mean that Lucy hasn’t been growing like weed – a very cute, spirited, dance-y weed. After our excellent impromptu visit to Phipps in mid-December, we did some traveling (to Winchester for Christmas and to Maine for New Year’s), learned about not one but two Goose-cousins coming soon, weathered a major snow storm, and marked Lucy’s 20 month birthday.


It was great to see Grandmommy, Granddad, Aunt Bethany, Uncle Joe, Great Granny, and the whole family in Winchester and Frederick. Lucy enjoyed Christmas and seemed to “get” the morning festivities and unwrapping. The news of Lucy’s soon-to-be cousin was one of the biggest surprises!

In Maine, we had a great time celebrating Great Grandpa’s 90th birthday, which was also accompanied by news of another cousin for Lucy (this time from Uncle James and Aunt Emily). Next Summer will be full of excitement for sure.

Lucy spent some quality time with Bampa (now Bampa Wa-wool?) and Bamma (now Bamma Meow-meow?) as well as G.G. Bop, who managed to give a gift that combined the two animals that Lucy consistently recognized (at the time): the Owl and the Pussycat.

Snow gave Lucy an opportunity to go sledding for the first time with Grammy Peg, Aunt Jana (Nana!), Uncle Justus, and Julie.

Sleep was a little harder for Lucy with all the excitement of travel, so we resorted to napping with her toward the end of the trip… which led to some cute pics:

IMG_0207 IMG_0930

On our way out of town, we stopped to see Cecile and Zoé for quick visit. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see them a little more (and Taylor too) in the Summer.


It was a great trip. We really enjoyed getting some extended time with all the grandparents. Many, many more photos are up on Flickr.

Starting February 5th, we had days upon days of snow. The whole East Coast got slammed, and Pittsburgh was no exception. A friend told me that this was the worst storm Pittsburgh had had in 15 years, and I heard elsewhere that we got as much (or more) snow in the month of February than the annual average for a full winter! Needless to say, we had a few snow-days, and Lucy got to spend some serious quality time in the snow. It’s a good thing she got to practice up in Maine!



Despite having a gutter pulled down by ice, we have (so far) escaped without any major mishaps. We had a bit more snow this past Friday, but all-in-all, things seem to be clearing up. Many more photos of Snowpocalypse are on Flickr (I’ve also heard “Snowmageddon,” though some have said it’s “snoverrated”).

Snow-bound or not, Lucy has continued to blow us away with her constant development. She now says “Please” and “Thank you” in the correct contexts (mostly). No matter how distracted or exasperated I get (when she’s throwing her dinner on the floor, for instance), her cheery “thank you, Dada” never ceases to snap me right back into shape. If she can thank me so nicely, surely I can pull myself together to deal with a little spilled milk.


The Goose has also really taken to music, even more than before. She now goes once a week to a Music Together class, which I had the pleasure of attending on a day off from work. Lucy participates enthusiastically, but throughout the week between classes, we’ve noticed little refrains or dances from class making their way into her day-to-day vocal and physical vocabulary. Plus, she just likes to dance (here with a stuffed mouse)!


In amidst all the frozen precipitation, Lucy had her 20-month birthday. And now, she’s 3 months and 8 days shy of turning 2 years old! How time flies. Already, I find my internal perception of her isn’t keeping up with her growth. I’m still turning the corner from seeing her as a baby to thinking of her as a toddler, when in reality she is quickly becoming a true little girl. I can barely contain my pride.


As always, many more pictures are available on Flickr: here, here, here, and here

One, two, three

Monday, January 18th, 2010

So we’re slowly getting around to posting pictures on flickr and will soon post updates on here.

But, Lucy wanted to share her latest skill – counting to three! While we were traveling over Christmas, she began counting – each thing was “one”. “One, One, One….” Late last week she added two and three.

Love it!

Happy Birthdays! And new words too

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Well, today I heard Lucy say something new AND we captured it on video!

She’s sending lots of love to her Grammy Peg and her Bampa on their birthdays.

A little poem

Friday, April 17th, 2009

sitting quietly waiting
waiting to hear nothing
hearing nothing
means do something

And now I hear miss Lucy again.  Time to make the most of our Friday.