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Getting the Co-Sleeper Set Up

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Tonight, after a lovely meal of pulled pork (with BBQ sauce from Sticky Lips, a favorite Rochester food spot), we decided it was time to get the co-sleeper ready to go. For those who haven’t heard of it, a co-sleeper is a little play-yard/crib type thing that straps onto your bed. One side drops down a few inches, and you end up with a way for the baby to sleep very close to the bed (without being in the bed — one pediatrician was very concerned that we were planning to do co-sleeping until we explained that we didn’t mean having the baby in the bed).  This will make it easy to breastfeed and otherwise interact with OP in the wee hours.

Co-Sleeper Corner

We got the co-sleeper set up and lashed to the bed, and we even put some sheets and a mattress pad on it. As always, more pics (including another bout of animal testing) are on Flickr.

Once we had it figured out, we dismantled the rig — no sense in blocking Laura’s exit from the bed just yet. The co-sleeper now sits in the corner of our room ready to spring into action when OP comes home. In the meantime, Lucca has already tried to settle into it twice as I type.

As a reward for getting ourselves one step closer to being prepared (and fully knowing that we can’t really ever be prepared), we ate some rhubarb custard pie made with eggs and rhubarb from our farmshare. Yum.