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Time flies

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

In less than a week, Lucy will be a ONE YEAR OLD! Wow. To celebrate, she’ll be spending some lovely time with her family (and officially welcoming Emily into her family). It should be fun, relaxing, and wonderful!

The past month hasn’t been so relaxing. For the first time since Lucy was born, we forgot to post happy birthday wishes on her 11-month birthday. In our defense, we were moving LOTS of boxes and bookshelves, and other fancy stuff from our apartment to our new house that day. We had the best movers and babysitters – thanks Dad, Mom, Joe, and Bethany! Plus we’ve had help from so many great friends – making the packing, cleaning, and unpacking go much more smoothly. Still, we live among boxes.

Then we went to see James graduate from Medical School in Rochester. It was a quick trip, but so nice to spend the mornings with Bampa and Bamma (am I spelling that correctly?) and Great Grandpa and Emily’s family too.

The graduation was nice, but the real highlight of the trip was Lucy’s first time in a swimming pool. She LOVED it! We must have been in the water for 45 minutes – splashing and having a grand time.

Then there was more unpacking and a visit from Xiang Lan. We learned how to make yogurt and hem curtains. It was an eventful weekend.

The house is still a mess, but the baby gates are up since Lucy is in full crawl mode now. She really likes to race towards the gate at the top of the stairs, and she thinks it is hilarious when I race after her and scoop her up in my arms. She’s starting to think everything is funny now – Daddy jumping up and down is funny, Daddy sneezing (repeatedly) is funny, Safi nuzzling up next to her is funny. Those little laughs are so addictive, we’re happy to make fools of ourselves if she’ll just laugh once more!

Lucy also added two more teeth to her smile – bringing the grand total to 8 (the two bottom ones started coming in on May 15th). She’s been putting her teeth to good use eating lots of new foods. Strangely, she doesn’t like bananas anymore, but she REALLY likes avocado and she’s quite the fan of broccoli (broccol-trees) too. Momma’s egg pancakes with spinach, carrots, and chicken are also reliable favorites. Yesterday she was adding broccoli, egg pancakes, and pears to her yogurt. Already experimenting with flavor combinations! Perhaps she’ll get to add some cake to her repertoire soon?

In anticipation of next Tuesday, I’m going to wish the Goose an early Happy Birthday! I can’t believe that she’s been here a whole year. I couldn’t have imagined a year ago what a fantastic kiddo our new little girl was going to become.


Clapping, Waving, Saying “Mum-Mum,” and Other New Talents

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Lucy-land. And we’ve got the pictures (and videos!) to prove it…


We were visited by Lucy’s Grandmom and Granddad, as well as Amy and Julia.


Lucy continues to develop at top-speed. One of her latest tricks is clapping on command:

…which she does often (and with predictably adorable results)…

She practices her clapping frequently, especially when waiting for one or the other of us to come home.

She can wave, too (as you may have noticed in the previous video). Our Goose has also been practicing her vocalizations. “Mum-mum” is probably her word for the rice rusks that she gets sometimes as a treat (oddly enough, they’re called Mum-Mums). Often, however, “Mum-mum” or “Momma” seems to clearly indicate Laura.

And then again, sometimes it’s just “mum-mum-mum-mum.”

Thankfully (for our bookshelves’ sake), Lucy isn’t crawling yet, but she is getting stronger, sitting up more…


…spending more time on her tummy…


…and not completely collapsing when placed in new positions.


She fuels this surge in activity with lots of food. Her palate is growing to include many more solid foods, although sweet potatoes remain a favorite.


Of course, Lucy continues to be a happy girl, sharing laughs with her family.

I’ll miss you, Goose!

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

This afternoon, I’m flying out for a business trip. It’s the first extended time that I’ve been away from Lucy – 4 nights to be exact (I did do an overnight trip in July, but that only lasted a little more than 24 hours). I didn’t quite anticipate how much I would miss her… and I’m only at the airport!

However, she did give me a wonderful going away present. Laura volunteered to drive to the airport so that I could hang out in the backseat with Lucy. As we were pulling away from the house, Lucy looked right at me and let out a hearty chuckle. Her smile was so cute that it took me a moment to realize that this was her first laugh! She quickly returned to cooing and squealing and generally being adorable, but she had shown me a glimpse of what I will no doubt be missing this week, as she learns to deploy her cuteness to even more devastating effect with chuckles, giggles, and belly laughs.


On the way to the airport, she decided to show off her other new (and slightly more developed) skill: putting herself to sleep. She fussed a bit, but in relatively short order, she had fallen asleep with no (useful) intervention from me at all. She’s been doing this more frequently (especially during her first nap of the day), but I’ll let Laura describe that process.

Lucy is such a good goose, and I will miss her and her mother so much.