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Sweet Sixteen (months)

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Today is Lucy’s 16-month birthday!  She’s closing in on a year and a half, and the milestones are starting to pile up…


Lucy continues to add to her vocabulary.  Momma, Dada, hi, bye, yeah, and no are all firmly ingrained.  She uses each appropriately, which may not sound like much, but it fills me with joy to hear “Hi Dada!” shouted as I come home from work (or over the phone… or from the crib in the morning… etc).  She meows with Lucca and tells Safi to “shhh!” when she barks.  Her toys continue to be favorites for words too.  All of her dolls are “Baby-ah,” and she shouts out “Ball, ball!” exuberantly whenever a ball is in sight.

(this is Lucy at the Children’s Museum (not some auto mechanic’s shop floor) – a great place to visit!)

Lucy’s teeth are coming along well too. She has sixteen teeth on her sixteenth birthday — all but the molars, I believe. She uses her teeth to eat all kinds of new foods. A recent favorite has been plum tomatoes, which she bites into with gusto. Maybe it helps that they are fresh from Granddad’s garden.

The last week has been particularly big:

Last Saturday, she walked for the first time without assistance. Since then she’s been practicing quite a bit. Crawling is still her preferred method of getting around, but she seems to be more and more comfortable being a biped every day.

Other new skills include climbing into chairs and coloring with crayons.

Finally, just this week, Lucy started pooping in the potty. We’ll try to refrain from talking too much about poop, but this was just too exciting. Laura, noticing that her diaper was wet but not dirty, asked if she wanted to sit on the potty (which is something Lucy has been doing every night before bath, often successfully peeing in it). Lucy said “yes,” and when she was on the potty, she pooped. I got a phone call at work during the course of which Lucy said “go poop.”

This has now happened several times since then. In fact, it is definitely far more frequent that she uses the potty than a diaper. She’s so grown up.


Happy Birthday Goose! We love you so much and can’t wait to see what happens in the next 16 months!

PS: Copious pictures now on Flickr.

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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Continuing to catch up on our happenings….

Biggest milestone?  Lucy turned ONE!  But, wait, there’s more!

Lucy is now working on three new teeth – bringing her total to 12! 
Her first bottom pre-molar was first visible as Lucy was wailing in the car on Friday, June 5th.  (In her defense, it had been a long car ride and she did miss her morning nap.)  This past Monday (June 22nd), I bravely stuck my finger in her mouth and discovered that her right lower and upper pre-molars were popping through her gums and her upper left pre-molar was also just about to break through.  Those teeth just look SO big!  But Lucy doesn’t seem to mind too much at all.  She’s a trooper.

Last Thursday Lucy went for her 1-year doctor’s appointment.  Which was less scary than I had feared.  She had to have two shots and one finger prick, which she did not enjoy at all.  It’s so difficult to see her cry especially once the pain registers.  I did realize, though, that this is only the second time we’ve ever seen Lucy bleed (the first being in the hospital when they did the heel prick).  Pretty good to have gotten to her first birthday without bloodshed.

While at the doctor’s office, Lucy was weighed and measured.  Her weight was 21lbs – she’s now exactly in the 50th percentile for weight (a fact we would not have believed 11 months ago).  Although we think the length measurements are not very accurate, she was measured as 29.25 inches long.  And her head circumference was 47 cm (which, I believe, is somewhere between the 90th and 95th percentile).  She appears healthy and happy.  The Dr. told us we should keep her!

Unfortunately we were back at the doctor’s office the next week (on Monday) to check on some small bumps on her arms.  The bumps turned out to be bug bites, which is good.  But, Lucy apparently had internalized that the Dr. was a bad man, because she cried the minute he came in the room.  Hopefully that wears off before our next visit in three months.

Lucy now has the green light to eat just about anything she wants.  This past week she’s been enjoying all the summer fruits – strawberries, grapes, blueberries, pineapple, mangos, peaches, and oranges.  She has discovered how to shell a sugar snap pea and has been eating about 50% of the peas she shells.  The other 50% get spit out or shared with Safi.

(I’m not sure this is exactly what the Dr had in mind…)

Lucy has also been having tons of fun playing in water lately. After her dip in the pool in Rochester, we decided we had to get her a small kiddie pool.
(Lucy loves it even if Safi doesn’t)

Lucy also really liked playing with the water table at her friend Dagny’s birthday party!

She’s enjoying the sunny summer weather and is hoping that Momma and Daddy get around to taking her to Highland Park Swimming Pool soon!