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New house, new car

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

We seem to be doing our part to help out the economy (or at least increasing our own debt) lately.

As you know, we bought a lovely house. Someday we will finish unpacking (although no day soon).

We still feel like the house is too much of a mess to photograph extensively, but we do have a few more house photos to share.

Lucy invites you to follow along on her backyard tour on flickr.
and she invites you to come over and help with the yard work any time you’d like!

While we were at it, we bought a new car. Well, it’s not new, just new to us. But it’s very nice, even if it is an… errr…. um….. station wagon….. I am consoling myself by enjoying the moonroof AND sunroof. It’s another Subaru, replacing my Subaru which I apparently totaled in a very small accident (I was hit while backing out of our driveway). It’s been a saga to get the new car, but I’m quite happy to have it now. Eben has a picture on his brandy-new iphone, so I’ll have him figure out how to upload it soon!

New Car
[here you go --Eben]

(and now I am done with my monster updating – for now!)