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A Well-Traveled Christmas Goose

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

This was quite a holiday for our family. We traveled to Winchester, Deer Isle, and Hallowell to see family, with short stops in Freeport and Manassas to visit friends. On one day, Lucy saw all five of her grandparents (three different households in two states). On another day, she spent time with nine (9!) different dogs. Lots of visiting.

Lucy was a trooper through all of it, smiling and charming everyone she met (including an aunt and uncle and a great aunt whom she had never met before). It was exhausting, but it was really great to see everybody. We’re sorry we didn’t get to see everyone (there’s only so much time, and weather/sickness put kinks in the plans).

All pictures and video are on Flickr now, here and here. Some highlights:

Opening presents at Grandmom and Grand-Dad’s house


Lucy’s first Christmas present from Santa


Dinner (for Goose anyway)


Playing while Bampa reads


Bonding with Uncle James and Aunt Emily


Hangin’ out with Grandma Alice


Yay Christmas Eve Carrots!


“I love you and your carrots, Uncle Justus.”


First Christmas morning ever


Christmas morning with Grammy Peg


Reading about hexaflexagons with Aunt Jana


“I love you and your sweet potatoes, Aunt Jana!”

Uncle Justus makes the Goose squeal


First time in the snow


After falling over in the snow


Having a conversation with Great (Grand?) Auntie Deb


Getting fed by Aunt Bethany

Fascinated by Asa


Playing with Asa and friends in Manassas


A short hike at Sky Meadows on the way back from Manassas


Four generations of Titus/Reidt/Farra/Myers women

All-in-all it was a great trip. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality! Have a Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Well, this is one Christmas Goose we won’t be cooking.  Lucy wants to wish everyone a happy, happy holiday season.

A Christmas Goose!

A Christmas Goose!

Lucy has been celebrating her first Christmas in style – of course she started celebrating almost a week ago and will continue right on celebrating for a few more days.  She’s already discovered that it’s not the gift itself that counts – it’s the wrapping paper (or bag).

Lucy has been so lucky to celebrate Christmas with most of her family (a bad flu prevented us from visiting with the Damariscotta crew).  Of course more pictures to follow soon.

Happy first Christmas Miss Lucy and we hope everyone has a day filled with joy and wonder!

Some New Pictures on Flickr

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

This lasted for about 2 seconds

Pictures from the California trip are coming soon (a matter of minutes, hopefully). In the meantime, I’ve also posted some of the backlogged pics piling up on my hard drive. Check ‘em out:

Pets in the New Apartment
Presents for the Pets
Our “Christmas Tree”
Valentine’s Day Dinner

Mmm... Lobster


Saturday, December 29th, 2007


It all started with the red onesie that Laura gave to me for Christmas (early). Then I gave her a custom Octopus Pi onesie. Fun was had by all. The kid’s going to be well dressed (or possibly hate cephalopods).

Speaking of Octopus Pi, we have some more conjecture on the origins of the nickname, this time from Jeff Heynen, Alice’s cousin. Jeff says:

I’m struggling with Octopus Pi, the name. There’s a rock band of that name. There’s a long poem in which a character makes pi out of an octopus. There are the photos Laura mentions. I though maybe a pun: Life and Times of Octavian Pi — Marc Anthony’s wife was Octavian — lots of history there, but no strong connection with Pi. I’ll meditate on it.

Glad to know that someone as smart as Jeff is on it.

Lucca’s Christmas Cookie

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Cat Cookie

Lucca tried to “help out” with the Christmas cookies. We baked this one for him.

Merry Chrifsmas!

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Laura and I haven’t talked much about religion and raising little OP, but I realized today that Pastafarianism is the only logical religion for our child. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster already holds great attraction, but mostly, I was swayed by this poster:

Merry Chrifsmas

Found here.

Merry Chrifsmas!!!

Christmas Octopi

Friday, December 7th, 2007

In preparing for the first Christmas Tree of our co-habitation (we had one last year, but I didn’t live in Rochester), I came across this lovely example:

99 Octopi 1

A nice melding of the season and our specific situation. Found on Flickr via