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Uncle Duck and These Guys

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Lucy has taken to calling Justus “Uncle Duck” (with some support and encouragement from all involved parties). It comes out sounding more like “Uck Guck” but is uttered with such affection that it is almost always recognizable. Of course, this fact has become clear during Justus’s recent visit, during which Lucy demonstrated that distance can indeed make the heart grow fonder. For about a week prior to his arrival, Lucy would excitedly tell us how “Uck Guck” was coming to “Cece’s home.” When he arrived in the flesh, she was, at first, a little more reserved, but after a very short warm-up period, she became as attached to him as to just about anyone else (with the exception of Momma, of course). When Justus and I went out to help a friend move, Lucy apparently spent a good deal of time seeking reassurance that Uncle Duck was returning. After he left to return to Philly, she spent a good deal of time happily repeating his name, “Hello! Uck Guck! Hello!”


Also, we must use the term “guys” for generic “things,” because Lucy’s been saying “dees guys” a lot, usually in reference to inanimate objects (though it works for people, dolls, etc, as well). She sounds like she’s from Brooklyn.

Talking with Lucy

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Today is another sunny, spring day in Pittsburgh! Lucy and I got to head over to Eben’s old neighborhood for some coffee (or hawa as Lucy calls it) for me and some socializing for both of us. We had a nice little walk with friends from the Hip Mamas group – including two pairs of twins! And then we went to Dozen. It ended up being about 11:30, so Lucy and I decided to stay for lunch. As soon as we got there, Lucy requested ba-ba cheese, which as everyone knows is mac n’ cheese. Dozen’s mac n’ cheese is very very good. So that is what we got, along with a molasses cookie.

While we waited for the ba-ba cheese to be ready, Lucy and I had a conversation. We talk a lot these days, and while you have to fill in some blanks, she is very effective at communicating. Here’s how it went:

A bus drove by.
Lucy: “Bus. Dada. Bus. Shoes.”
Momma: “You’re right, Daddy takes a bus to go to work. And he has to put on his shoes to take the bus.”
Lucy: “Ba-ba cheese. Cookie. Wawa.”
Momma: “Are we waiting for your mac n’ cheese?”
Lucy: “Yesh.”
Momma: “Are we eating cookie and drinking water while we wait?”
Lucy: “Yesh.”
Momma: “After nap, do you want to go to the Children’s Museum?”
Lucy: “Yesh, yesh, yesh.” [points to her wrist and then to Momma's wrist because you get a wristband at the Children's Museum]
And so it continued.

I’m sure the other patrons at Dozen thought I was a little bit nutty for the conversation I was having with my not-quite two year old. But, it really was an entire conversation. Lucy is so decisive about what she wants and likes, and it’s so clear that she really understands what I am saying and what she is saying.

On the way back to the car, we sang the “A,B,C Song”. Super cool!

I’m pretty sure I can’t remember all the words she can say now, but here’s a list off the top of my head:

water (wawa), tea, juice, coffee (hawa), banana (nana), cookie, cracker, pine nut, peas, date, apple, naan, pizza, mac-and-cheese (ba-ba cheese), please, thank you, yes m’am, no, yes, toes (we-wees), nose, eyes, baby, Ellie, Emma, Avery, Joe, Beth, Jana (Nana), Momma, Daddy, cat (meow-meow), dog (woof-woof-woof), pee, poop/poopy, diaper (ba-ba), up, down, in, out, on, off, one, two, three, “a”, “b”, “c”, “p”, “f”, car, bus, house, shoe, home, park, Ernie, Elmo, train (choo-choo), ball, owl, duck, bee, mouse, moose, goose, airplane (meoooow), help, hop, go, peek-a-boo (ba-pooh), me, Lucy (Lu), hi, bye, popsicle (pop-pop), why, nice, that, hug, jump, wow, whee, snow, glasses (gahs), guy, you, tattoo

One and a Half Years! Happy Birthday Lucy!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009


Today is Lucy’s 18-month birthday. She’s now been with us for a whole year and a half – that’s twice as long on the outside as on the inside!

She has all kinds of tricks, including shaking her finger at me while saying “Dada” (only semi-disapprovingly). She still loves cats (meow-meows), and now she lights up when there are owls (wa-wools!) about. She hugs and kisses other kiddos her size. She makes faces and plays make believe.

IMG_2993 IMG_0775

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of my day, but a top choice would definitely be the greeting I get when I come home at the end of the workday. Even as I’m unlocking the door, I hear “Dada? Dada! Dada!” and the sound of little feet. Lucy is so fully of energy and happiness, and it makes my day every time.


There’s so much more, but for now we’ll leave it with this: Happy Birthday Lucy! We love you!

A Day with Daddy

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Momma went to work today, so it’s a Goose and Daddy day.  So far, we’ve done some yard work (Lucy helped by sitting on my back – first in the ergo and then in the backpack – and counter-balancing the rake as I held it in front of me).

Lunch was a breadstick, some fish, some stir-fried veggies, grapes, milk, and two bites of Daddy’s pizza.  This afternoon involved refusal to wear clothes (and refusal to nap) along with a lot of good standing up (with no help).

A somewhat distressing corollary to the above refusals is that she’s getting more confident in the use of “no!”  When I approached her with a diaper cover to keep her diaper from coming off while she played, she looked at it and said “no,” shaking her head. I’m proud of her ability to express herself clearly, but I’m not looking forward to the tests of will that this development precedes.

After quiet time (so far no sleeping), the plan is to go to the Children’s Museum until it’s time to pick up Momma.  Goose/Daddy Day seems to be a success so far!

All Kinds of (yummy) Things

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Happy 15-Month Birthday, Lucy (only 2 days late)!


[note: this picture was not taken on Lucy's birthday, but the activity had a celebratory vibe]

Lucy is growing and learning and absorbing the world around her like a little sponge.  On her birthday, she had her 15-month check-up (including shots :-( ), and while her height is in the 50 percentile and her weight is in the 75th percentile, her head circumference is off the chart! All the things she’s taking in have to go somewhere…

Tonight, I was getting ready to take Lucy up for her bath. Laura was chopping veggies for our dinner (halibut on a sweet corn zabaglione), and she offered Lucy half a cherry tomato. Lucy took it and started to bring it to her mouth, but at the last minute, she stuffed it in my mouth. I don’t know if she knows that I don’t like tomatoes, but there was a certain impishness to the act. I thought I would get her back by feeding her a sliver of raw onion, but again, the joke was on me: she seemed to like it and ate several more slices before we adjourned to the tub (where she lifted her foot out of the water to feel the running water on her toes).

New experiences abound for the Goose. Above is a short video of the two bucks (one of which had at least a 10-point rack) that we watched for several minutes from our backyard.

The picture below is proof that Laura and I left Lucy overnight for the first time (we’re in the 2-seater convertible we rented during our 27-hours in San Francisco). Lucy’s Grandmom and Granddad came to stay with her while we were gone, and she barely seems to have missed us (thank you soooo much, Barb & Rick).

Us in our convertible

Finally, Lucy’s ability to communicate back to the world is growing by leaps and bounds. She has mastered the appropriate use of “Hi” and “Bye” including waves and kisses (blown and otherwise). In the video below, she demonstrates (and says “Night night” for the first time that we know of).

Many (many) more photos and videos are up on Flickr.

Pictures and a post

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This morning, Lucy and I spent some time cuddling on the couch and looking at older photos of “baby Lucy.” Remember these?

IMG_4964 IMG_3064 IMG_4004 DSC00118

We also checked out some of the newer pictures that were just posted on Flickr.
Lucy at the Garrett County Fair with the prize-winning pig, Lucy

Lucy riding the Carousel at Schenley Park – she rode two times and would have gone for at least two more times if we’d let her!

It’s fuzzy, but that’s Lucy standing up all on her own on the mattress on the third floor!

Lucy doing some finger-painting with Daddy.

And Lucy playing in the dirt. Perhaps she does need a sandbox!

We’ve been having fun and enjoying the sunshine and the rain showers this month. Lucy is getting more talkative by the minute! Her favorite word has to be BALL which she says with such conviction and certainty. We find balls in the the books we read, the pictures we see, our toys… just about everywhere! She can also tell you what sounds snakes, lions, gorillas, owls, and cows make. She asks for milk and water by name and she also knows how to say Amy (one of her favorite books right now is Henry and Amy: (Right-Way-Round and Upside Down)). I’m sure there are more words to add. I’ll have to write them down as I hear them!

Lucy is also experimenting with standing on her own. She’s been able to pull herself up and cruise around while holding on for a few weeks now. But last week she began letting go while standing up. Usually this is accompanied with a big “waaaaaaah!” – apparently it’s easier to stand if you’re making some noise! Over the weekend, Eben and I watched Lucy stand up in the middle of the room, without holding onto anything. It was pretty comical and quite impressive.

I’m sure Lucy doesn’t really recognize those pictures of baby Lucy from last year, and I’m not so sure I really do either anymore.
It’s hard to remember she was anything other than what she is now!


Monday, August 3rd, 2009

As Laura mentioned, Lucy now makes gorilla noises when prompted (either by “what noise does the gorilla make?” or “what noise does Daddy make?”).  It’s very cute, but it’s not her only new vocal trick.  Lately, she’s been exploding with new words, sounds, and imitations.  She was on the (speaker) phone with Uncle Justus the other day and said “Hi Duhtuh,” which I’m positive was “Hi Justus.”  I could feel Justus beaming throught he phone.  Jana, who had been pretty excited just to hear a resounding “hi,” was also thrilled to get a “Hi Nahna” (or something close to that).

Playdoh Snakes - "Hisssss!"

Aunt Jana and Grammy Peg are here now, visiting, and while playing with homemade playdoh, Lucy quickly learned to make a snake sound, “hisssss,” with Grammy’s coaching.  Animal sounds may be her next big category of word, though she also very clearly says “ball” with unmistakable meaning.

Tea Party

One last story: Lucy and I were playing on the third floor with her tea set.  I poured (imaginary) tea and sipped, saying “mmm… mm.”  Lucy looked at me like I was playing some kind of joke (”why did you pour air for me when you so clearly have something tasty?”), but when I looked away for a minute to upload a picture to Facebook, I heard a little voice saying “mmm… mm.”  Lucy was drinking some imaginary tea… and quite enjoying it!