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A Stand-up Goose

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Lucy’s had a rough week including a bout of fever and now a fever rash (generally fine, but scary to look at). But she still manages to be the cutest little girl ever.


I’ve been dropping the ball on my fatherly blog-posting duties, but I am happy to say that we are pretty much up-to-date on getting photos online. There are lots of pictures and video now on Flickr.

One little story: Yesterday, Laura and I were sitting on the floor talking while Lucy played. At one point, she pushed herself up into a standing position on Laura and then let go, balancing as naturally as if she’d been doing it forever. It only lasted for a second, but she was clearly standing on her own. That same night, she did it again in the bathroom while I was filling the tub.


She’s truly a marvel, and I am continually reminded how amazing she is (we all are).