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Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Somehow, while we weren’t looking, Lucy has become a big girl.

After three weeks of sleeping in twin beds, mattresses on the floor, or in our bed while on vacation, we decided it was time to take apart Lucy’s crib.

Lucy spent about two weeks sleeping on her crib mattress on the floor. Which, surprisingly was very exciting. Who knew that sleeping on a mattress would be such fun! “Lucy no sleep in crib, Lucy sleep on mattwess.” To add to the excitement, Lucy and I headed across the river to pick up her new twin mattress, which the people at the Original Mattress Factory kindly strapped on the car, and I slowly drove across the bridge and up the big hill to our house.

Lucy spent one night on the mattress and then on Saturday, her new bed was delivered! And it’s a trundle bed!!! Okay, so maybe that’s a little bit of my excitement creeping in there. But when I was a kid, I wanted a trundle bed, so now I get to live vicariously through her a little bit (it’s started already!). To go along with her new bed, I sewed up a few Eric Carle pillows and we finally hung the beautiful print from Amy and Julia. Let’s hope we all continue to sleep tight!

And in other news, Lucy is continuing the transition from diapers, to using the little potty, to sitting on the big potty. We removed the small baby bjorn potty from the bathroom and replaced it with a baby bjorn seat that fits on top of our toilet seat. Lucy seems pretty proud that she can climb up on it all by herself. Plus, we are one step closer to not having to deal with cleaning up poop (you still have to clean out the potty once it’s used, which is still better than diapers). Yay!!!


Big Kid Beds

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Lucy has a lot of practice sleeping in beds other than her crib. She borrows other kiddos’ cribs. She sleeps in a pack-n-play. She dozes in the car. She even sleeps in our bed from time to time (only for a little bit, if we’re lucky). Here she is trying out our guest bed:


We were starting to think it might be time to introduce her to a “big kid bed.” With this in mind, I was with her at Ikea and asked if she wanted to try out the big kid bed which they had in the kids’ section (these were still quite small, being designed for young kids, specifically). Here’s the result:


That day at Ikea, we happened to be on our way to the lake, where there are bunk beds in the room that Lucy sleeps in. First, she tried a nap in the bottom bunk. It seemed to go ok, so that night, she slept the whole night on the big kid bed!


She only fell out once.

While we haven’t switched out her crib at home just yet, this new development leads to all kinds of interesting opportunities. Everywhere we go, she can try out a new bed. In fact, last weekend in Vermont, Lucy would fall asleep on a futon, and then we’d move her into a personal, kid-size tent.


The tent had it’s share of amusing results (we came to bed one night to find Lucy had slid almost all the way out and was sleeping on the floor with just her legs and feet in the tent), but Lucy seemed pretty ok with it.

In any case, we’ll be considering options for Lucy’s first big kid bed at home.