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Travels with Lucy, 2010 summer edition. Part 2

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

And the adventure continued!

After saying goodbye to Eben, Lucy and I spent a little more time in Hallowell and then headed south. We got to have lunch with Allyn in Boston (on her birthday, no less!), and then I tried to convince Lucy to take a nap in the car. It didn’t really work. She was too excited about finally getting to go to a museum. Poor Lucy had been looking forward to going to the museum since Friday (and now it was Monday). She’d been promised a visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum with Grammy Peg on Saturday, but so many other fun things came up and they didn’t make it. It’s an experience I know well. And on Sunday it was closed. Lucy seemed to take it well. From time to time should would say “no go to museum today, museum closed, go tomorrow.” So we really had to get to a museum on Monday. The Boston Children’s Museum or the Museum of Science would have been fun, but they would definitely have interrupted nap time. So instead, we drove to Providence, RI. I was excited to go back and visit the Providence Children’s Museum since I’d turned down an AmeriCorps position there in 2003. Wonder what life would be like now if I’d taken that job?

We had a lovely time. It was a quiet day there and Lucy had many of the exhibits all to herself.
(a kid-sized woodstove and lots of food to pretend with!)

(a great toddler area with a cozy spot for Momma to snap pictures and rest a little)

(and a steamroller to sit on!)

It was smaller than I remembered, but a great spot to explore and such fun for Lucy and for me.

From there, we went to Little Compton, RI, back to the farm where Jesse and Bridget got married on Saturday. Lucy and I stayed there for two nights – enjoying making new friends and spending time on a sandy beach.

how did she get sand in her neck?


On Wednesday, we left RI, drove through CT and hopped on a ferry to Long Island. But first, we stopped in Mystic, CT for a spontaneous trip to the Mystic Aquarium. When I asked Lucy if she wanted to go to an aquarium, she didn’t miss a beat and said “like the monkey.” Took me a minute, but I realized she was talking about Curious George. So we stopped, paid A LOT for tickets, and wandered in. It’s a lovely space with a good mix of outdoors and indoors exhibits. Lucy was especially taken with the sea lions. And she wanted to know each one’s name. I might have made some up….


THEN we went on the ferry. “Lucy take boat, go to Katie’s house.”

(yummy snack on the ferry. Gotta love that yoohoo – I remember drinking those as a child while watching the fireworks with my dad.)

Lucy was very excited about a) the boat and b) seeing her friend Katie whom we haven’t seen in a few months. They skipped town and moved to Centerport, NY So we were both pretty excited to see our friends. We played in the sand, ate great food, and really enjoyed catching up with Katie, Jenny, and Chris. When we arrived, Katie was saying “Lucy come, Lucy Katie’s FRIEND!” So sweet.

there they go!


From there, we drove through New York and headed to Philadelphia, were we picked up Uncle Duck (Justus). It was a bit of a random detour, but Justus was headed to DC, and we were able to give him a ride most of the way. Lucy was beyond thrilled to see him again, and he made being stuck in traffic entertaining. (No pics since I was driving the car the whole time.) Sadly, she fell asleep not too long before we arrived at Justus’ stop, so she didn’t get to say goodbye. When she woke up, she was so sad and then she realized that Uncle Duck was gone. “Where Uncle Duck go?” Sob. Heartbreaking. It was a LONG driving day, but we stopped in Frederick, MD for dinner and then agreed to keep going so that we could get to the lake house – Deep Creek Lake, MD. Lucy fell asleep not long after dinner, and I had an easy drive to the lake.

Safi was very excited to see us! And Lucy was happy to see Grandmommy, Granddad, Aunt Bethany and Ryder too. Aunt Robin and Uncle Dwight joined us for some of the visit too.

(Meanwhile, Eben hopped on a plane and went to visit friends in San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend.)

Lucy did some good driving (she just spun the wheel and we went around and around and around)

Lots of sitting on the swing

cutie pie!

whoopie pie!


And then, 24 days after leaving Pittsburgh, we headed home. We stopped at the airport to pick up Eben. It felt good to all be back in the same place again. We dropped him at work and went to see Lucca. When we walked in, Lucy shrieked and exclaimed: “Lucy’s house! Lucy’s baby! Lucy’s chair!” She was so excited to be back among familiar surroundings. We all were.

Now the question is – Where will we go next?!

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