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Friday, October 17th, 2008


We’re having a hard time figuring out what Lucy should wear.  She’s growing at a tremendous rate, and the fall weather means we have to move from her usual onesie to something more layered and robust. Just to illustrate the size thing:

IMG_3021 IMG_3961

That’s Lucy at 4 days and Lucy at 4 months (and a few days). Note: the Octopus Pi quilt made by Cecile has not changed size. The Goose has been developing new tricks, too. Foremost among those is getting her toes into her mouth (ah, flexibility).


There are many (like 70 or something) more photos on Flickr. Videos from this time period will be going up soon-ish.

And just in case you thought we lost Lucca…


What’s he up to?

A sucker for everything octopus

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Well, now that Lucy Chase is here and we’ve retired the name Octopus Pi, Eben gave me a lovely octopus gift.


These rings were cast from real octopus suckers – I think they’re the perfect blend of unique and subtle. Some of the artist’s other work is a little more obvious – check it out on

What girl doesn’t want to wear a little bit of octopus?

For a man who once, long ago, told me that he didn’t really believe in buying women jewelery, Eben does a great job at finding me beautiful pieces – soon I’m going to run out of fingers to wear all of these rings on!

A New Title for a New Era

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Well, in honor of Lucy’s arrival (and transformation from Octopus Pi into Lucy Chase), we’ve re-titled the blog. What once was “The Life and Times of Octopus Pi: Wit and whimsy (or something) from two parents to be” is now “The Life and Times of Lucy Chase: Wit and whimsy (or something) from a family of three.”


In other news, we just finished a nice visit from another subset of Lucy’s grandparents (my dad and Alice) which may explain the relative calm on the blog for the past few days. Pictures are on Flickr and will continue to appear on a semi-regular basis. Now, that Lucy is more than a week old, we probably won’t be posting pics daily, but we will continue to take them!

Just. Wow.

Monday, May 12th, 2008

On Saturday, Laura and I opened the door to find an unexpected package waiting. It was from our friends Cecile and Taylor Williams. Inside the box was a lovely quilt with an octopus design. “What a cool design for a quilt!” we thought, wondering where they had discovered such a find. Imagine our surprise when we unfolded the quilt and noticed that under the octopus was a pi symbol. It slowly dawned on us that this had been made especially for OP.

Octopus Pi Quilt by Cecile

When we spoke with Cecile, she confirmed that she had indeed designed and created the quilt. She also emphasized that it was to be used (she’d already washed it once). We look forward to giving OP tummy time on such an awesome blanket.

Thank you Cecile (and Taylor too!) for such a cool and personal gift. It will be hard to stop admiring it long enough to put it to use, but I know it will be well loved.

Two Months

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

So I know that a due date isn’t the be-all, end-all, but we’re now less than two calendar months from OP’s due date! Two months feels like much too much time to go and at the same time far too little. The funniest part is that I’ve been uncharacteristically patient while Eben is anxious to know if OP is a boy or a girl, anxious for OP to arrive!

I spent the first few months reminding myself that a due date isn’t a guaranteed date of arrival. I didn’t want to have May 29th come and go and find myself still pregnant and very impatient. But now, as I realize that May 29th is coming very very quickly, I’m trying to get my mind around the idea that there is a chance that OP will come early.

All in all, it’s a good reminder that you can’t plan everything, and that even if you do have a plan – chances are it will change! It has taken me a long time to realize that life isn’t something you can plan, and I hope it’s a lesson that OP will learn too. It’s best to embrace whatever comes and expect the unexpected!

So as my feet get sore and swollen and I get more tired, I’m just going to go with the flow.  And in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the not-knowing – for now.


Saturday, December 29th, 2007


It all started with the red onesie that Laura gave to me for Christmas (early). Then I gave her a custom Octopus Pi onesie. Fun was had by all. The kid’s going to be well dressed (or possibly hate cephalopods).

Speaking of Octopus Pi, we have some more conjecture on the origins of the nickname, this time from Jeff Heynen, Alice’s cousin. Jeff says:

I’m struggling with Octopus Pi, the name. There’s a rock band of that name. There’s a long poem in which a character makes pi out of an octopus. There are the photos Laura mentions. I though maybe a pun: Life and Times of Octavian Pi — Marc Anthony’s wife was Octavian — lots of history there, but no strong connection with Pi. I’ll meditate on it.

Glad to know that someone as smart as Jeff is on it.

Searching for Octopus Pi

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Still trying to figure out just what Octopus Pi might mean? Well, a Google image search turned up this pretty photo.

A trip to the doctor yesterday revealed OP’s heartbeat racing along at just over 160 beats/minute. It was fun to hear the heartbeat, and, unlike last time, I managed not to giggle so we got to hear it longer. Good to know we weren’t making the whole baby thing up!