Travels with Lucy, 2010 summer edition. Part 1.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of this summer was our multi-week trip North. It was epic (just as this post promises to be).

After a slight delay, we left our home on August 14th for points East and North. First we traveled to Winchester for a short visit with Grandmommy and Granddad and to drop Safi off with them.

Safi was not amused but had it pretty good with milk-bones everyday and all the dog toys she could steal from Cody and Cheyenne.

Then we headed North, stopping in Philadelphia for a short trip to the Please Touch Museum.

(Lucy in the Alice in Wonderland exhibit)

We piled back into the car and drove to Milford, CT to visit with Auntie Deb, Chris, Michele, and Maya and Morgan. Lucy really loved seeing the girls again and they were so great with each other! The next morning we drove up to Worcester, MA to meet Lucy’s cousin Jack and visit with Aunt Emily, Uncle James, Uncle Duck (Justus), and Emily’s mom, Maryanne. It was a short visit, but so great to see everyone.

Back in the car, we drove to Maine – something I had never done with Eben. We made it to Hallowell, ME – Grammy Peg’s house. While there, we got to spend some time with Grammy Peg and Aunt Nana (Jana) before heading farther North (or DownEast as those funny folks in Maine say).

Then we got in a visit with GG Bop in Damriscotta, ME and made our way to Flye Point, ME. We were lucky enough to get a week’s vacation there – staying in a lovely cabin just up the hill from Bama and Bampa’s house.


It was heavenly! Compared to the 90 degree heat and 110% of humidity of Pittsburgh, it was actually cool there – the crisp, coolness that some would call delightful. As soon as we arrived, Lucy took a page from her current favorite bedtime book (Blueberries for Sal) and picked blueberries outside our cabin. She spent days carefully avoiding the seaweeds on the rocks so as not to go ka-sploosh and took a trip to Bucks Harbor – just like Sal did in One Morning in Maine. Grammy Peg and Lisa showed up, and we even took a hike up Blue Hill (which may or may not be “blueberry hill”).
Jana was along for all of the fun so that we could get a little more Aunt Nana time before she headed across the Atlantic to Marseille – check out her blog for more on that! Jana was such a great help, and Eben and I also got a little alone time when Bampa collected Lucy and took her for a trip to the beach without us. Talk about a perfect vacation!



I was amazed to watch Lucy spend long stretches of time just exploring the rocks and looking at all of the snails on the beach.

She adored the boat ride and the picnic on Goose Island.

She loved running in the grass.

And she ate her weight in blackberries and blueberries.

Eben got away from work.

I knitted up almost an entire sweater (Lucy sized).

Also, we ate a lot of lobster.

On Sunday we went to Bampa’s church. His congregation was welcoming and his sermon was in some ways a conversation with Lucy (and her parents). Later in the day we had a visit from Cecile, Taylor, and Zoe. Lucy had been looking forward to this for weeks! As with Asa, it’s hard to know if Lucy truly remembered Zoe, but boy was she excited to see her. After a shy start, the two were happy to wander along the water’s edge together.
Our friend Jake joined us too for our chilly walk out to the Hub and back.

On the 25th, we celebrated Bama’s birthday with her and a trip to Lily’s Cafe – a favorite spot and the place where we got Lucy’s very first birthday cupcake last year.
While there, we ran into Sally – or little Sal as we knew her. Lucy seemed unsure at first that this woman could be the same big girl who lost her tooth while digging for clams and followed little bear’s mama up the mountain (of course I know that that the real Sal may not have actually done those things). But, after we walked away, she said: “Sal over there. Grownup.” So cool.

Reluctantly, we left Flye Point and drove back through Damariscotta (not that we were reluctant to visit GG Bop, only to leave Flye Point). Before we got to Damariscotta, we stopped in Belfast to visit with Eben’s old RA – Fang and her two kiddos – Axel and Poppy. Axel was great about sharing his toys and his backyard, and Poppy was such a contented 5 month-old. Back in Damariscotta, we visited with GG Bop again and also saw Anna and Uncle Thomas. Lucy was shy, but quick to warm up and willing to get to know more of her family.

Back in Hallowell, we spent more time with Grammy Peg and Aunt Nana,
(same expression!)
then Eben and I left to go to a wedding in Little Compton, RI. We had a lovely time visiting with friends from college and celebrating the happy couple.
Sounds like Lucy had fun too. On Sunday we called to check in, and we had an entire conversation with Lucy on the phone – a first for me!

Sadly, Eben had to return to work, so we drove back to Hallowell, and then he and I got up VERY early in the morning so that I could drive him to the airport in Portland. Back in Hallowell, I crawled back into bed to get a little more sleep before Lucy woke up and the day began.

With Eben back in Pittsburgh, Lucy and I embarked on our next leg of the trip. For more, check out the next post!

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