Ballet and Bicycles

Lucy is a dancer – a mover, a shaker. She’s been dancing since before she could walk or even crawl.

So we wanted to find her some good opportunities for dancing. Her Music Together class is definitely a full-body experience – exercising a lot more than just her lungs. Over the summer we tried ballet class at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. It was surprisingly structured for 2 year olds, and Lucy didn’t participate much in class. But at home, Lucy practices passe and tendu and the occasional chasse. She seemed to enjoy it, but we were looking for a different sort of first dance experience, so we enrolled in a class at Dance Alloy Theatre – a modern dance company. It’s a small class, with only three students total (plus parents). We crawled around on the floor and danced to nursery rhymes. Hopefully this will be a better fit for us!

And since half of dance is about the outfits:



And in other motor-skills news, Lucy got a bicycle. Well, actually it’s a tricycle. But it’s SO cool. And her helmet is lovely too. She must have grown a bit between when these pictures were taken and now because she can pretty much reach the pedals now. Our next-door neighbor, who is the same age as Lucy has a few bikes in her garage, and the two girls like to get out all the bikes and take turns riding them all. We’re going to be in trouble when they really figure out how to make those things go!


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