Momma and Daddy do fun stuff too

While Lucy is growing and changing and learning, we are too!

I learned to sew:
check out that hat


matching pj pants (you should see the ones I made for Eben!)

Which means shopping at fabric shops:

with very patient family members….

And Eben is getting closer to his New Year’s Goal of making something in his shop

First you need an anvil

Then you need inspiration

Then you just need to figure out how to get the gas home to make it all happen!

It’s important to us that Lucy see us learning new things, making new things, and truly enjoying the things we do just for ourselves. It warms my heart each time she exclaims: “Momma made for Lucy.” And lately she’s picked up our habit of thanking one another for making dinner each night “Thank you Momma for making dinder for us.” You’re so very welcome Lucy.

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