… make the world go round. And the tire swing.
(Emma, Annika, Lucy, and Annika’s friend and her son, who were visiting from Germany)

We are all so blessed to have such wonderful friends – friends who live far, far away, and friends who live right down the street (or right next door).

I started the post back in September – the last time we really updated the blog! (Although, I did appreciate the birthday greeting from Lucy and Eben in November.) And when I logged on today to write about exactly how grateful we are for all of our friends, this post was already sitting here, waiting to be completed.

In the past week, our family has been reminded of just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful group of friends and family – in Pittsburgh and beyond. It all started on a dark Wednesday morning, when I was trying to quietly leave the house for a dentist appointment, without turning on the lights. And then I feel down the stairs. Unfortunately I managed to hit the railing with such force that I broke two ribs and punctured my lung. (My sister pointed out that if we lived in a newer house, the railing probably wouldn’t have been as strong and would probably have broken. Stupid quality craftsmanship.) I took my first-ever ambulance ride to the emergency room and spent two nights in the hospital before being released on Friday.

It’s been a week, and I’m still a little weak and in some pain, but I’m feeling a 100 times better than last Wednesday.

Getting hurt stinks, but it has made me so grateful for everyone who has helped us.
We have eaten lovely homemade meals, discovered that our sidewalks were shoveled for us, and been showered with phone calls and facebook well-wishes. Our friends have picked Lucy up, fed her, played with her, comforted her, taken her to school, brought her back home, and just generally taken care of her so that Eben could take care of me.

My favorite story from the last week happened when Lucy and her friend Emma were riding in the car, on their way to school (that’s another post!). Lucy was a little emotional and asked aloud: “Where’s my daddy?” Lucy’s friend Emma replied: “Your daddy is at the hospital. Your momma fell down and had to go to the hospital. We’re going to school. Your daddy will pick you up after school.” Apparently Lucy was totally okay with that answer. I’m just amazed how these little two-and-a-half year olds are helping each other to deal with tough things.

Today Lucy spent the morning with her friend Riley and is spending the evening with her friend Emma. I’m resting since Eben is out of town for the night. I’m so glad that Lucy gets to play and expend some of that boundless energy with her friends, but I miss her too. I can’t wait to be back to dancing around and singing with the Goose!
Photo taken by Heather Conrad

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