Orange soda and crushed ice

September 19th, 2010 by Laura

… and banana pudding pops. Those are the foods I remember from my childhood days spent at Grandmom and Granddad’s house. I remember as a kid playing in their backyard with my cousins and my grandparents’ next-door neighbor, Larry. When we’d get tired and thirsty, Grandmom would crush up some ice, fill up the colored aluminum cups and then pour in orange soda. I remember how the cups would turn frosty on the outside – dulling the bright colors and warning that they were super cold to touch. Somehow orange soda tasted so good that way.

A few years back I asked Grandmom if I could have those cups, and they are now displayed in our dining room. Lucy knows them as the cups that we drink the smoothies out of. Whenever I pull out the blender, she walks over and gets our cups – one for each of us. We often drink our smoothies outside (less mess that way) and always with a straw. That’s our routine, much like the crushed ice and orange soda routine of my childhood. Every time those cups come out I think of Grandmom and Granddad and how much I miss their presence in my life. And how grateful I am that I had such loving grandparents – just like Lucy.


Favorite songs

September 18th, 2010 by Laura

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley’s version
Yankee Doodle – Bama;s version (she especially likes the mac-y-roni part)
Merry Round the Rosies – Lucy’s version
Now I Know My ABCs – forget the whole alphabet part of the song – it’s all about the last two lines
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – Lucy’s version
Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Sansea’s version
The Hello and Goodbye Songs – Music Together
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes – Daddy’s version
Anything playing on the radio in our bedroom or on the tape player in Lucy’s bedroom. Preferably at a REALLY LOUD setting.

Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti & Spearhead
Anything Queen – Queen

New cousins!

September 18th, 2010 by Laura

Well someone(s) in our family have been a bit busy this year…. Lucy welcomed not one but TWO cousins this summer. Baby Ryder was born on July 7, 2010 to Bethany and Joe.

And Baby Jack was born on August 5, 2010 to Emily and James.

Since Lucy is REALLY into knowing everybody’s name right now (sometimes we have to make up names – don’t tell! – when Lucy wants to know the names of random strangers), she worked very hard on learning baby” wydor” and baby jack’s names.

Both boys are happy and healthy and seem to be giving their parents very little grief. And they are so adorable. Eben and I are enjoying being the Aunt and Uncle, and we’re so happy for all the new parents.

Lucy and I got to visit with Ryder when he was just two weeks old.
Lucy was a little too enthusiastic. She really wanted Ryder to sit and walk and play with her. But now she’s come to understand that “Baby Wydor and Baby Jack get bigger, then play with Lucy.” (Also, during that trip to see Ryder, Lucy got her first taste of Waffle House, now that’s pretty special!)

And we were lucky enough to meet Baby Jack during our big New England Road Trip. For being only two weeks old, he was amazingly alert and oh, so adorable.

It’s going to be so much fun to watch all the kiddos grow up – Lucy has some serious tricks to teach her cousins!

To Asa’s house!

September 18th, 2010 by Laura

Way back in July we got to take a nice trip up to Middlebury, VT for the yearly Swattie mini-reunion. It was great to see Robyn and Grant, Xiang Lan, Kara and Eli and ASA! It’s hard to know if Lucy really remembered Asa from last year’s reunion,

but we’ve been talking about Asa all year long. Lucy’s been sleeping under the quilt that Asa’s Momma made (sorry Kara, apparently you’re mostly still “Asa’s Momma”). And she really wanted to know what Asa’s daddy’s name was. And then we saw Asa, and Lucy was very excited indeed.

Although truth be told, we were all pretty excited to see our friends.
(photo from Xiangy’s flickr set)

Lucy had a great time on all four flights – apparently paying for an extra seat really is worth it!
IMG_1534 (please ignore my bored look and instead check out Lucy’s surprise at learning where the oxygen masks are located)


It’s such fun to watch our friendships grow and to consider how much we’ve changed and how much we’ve stayed the same since 1997. I look forward to these trips all year long, and I can’t wait for next year’s reunion!



Bye bye babas!!!

September 18th, 2010 by Laura

Well I don’t know about you, but the most exciting thing that’s happened at our house since Lucy turned two is that we said goodbye to diapers! And we held off on writing about it until we were good and sure that we weren’t going to have to eat our words.


(Please excuse the poop talk on this one.) Lucy has been good friends with her little baby bjorn potty since sometime last year.

At first she hated it and refused to sit on it even with all of her clothes on. Then she started sitting on it and her little legs could barely bend and touch the floor. She quickly figured out what one does with the potty, and by February she was pooping on the potty almost all of the time. Oh the rejoicing! The diaper pail stopped smelling so badly and our little over-worked gDiapers got a much needed reprieve. Over the next few months we experimented with “big kid ones” (or underwear as they are more commonly known). Often she wore them at the end of the day – between dinner and bath time.

And then on June 30th, Lucy woke up and said: “Big Kid Ones Please!” So we put big kid ones on and stayed home all day. She had many wet outfits that day. But then on July 1st, she was dry all day long and we’ve gone diaper free since then. Luckily Aunt Jana was here to help with potty training the following week and to convince Lucy that public toilets are not so bad (we had a major relapse on this front while traveling to visit the VT crew).

If you want to see us move fast – just convince Lucy to say “Lucy have to go pee” – we still jump into action and get her to the potty as fast as possible. But she’s also fairly accommodating and will happily use the potty in the back of the car or, in a pinch, the grass. Go Lucy!


Speaking of what happens when we don’t move quickly enough…. One day when Eben and Lucy were home alone, Lucy announced in the kitchen that “Lucy pee.” Oops…. So Eben turned to see Lucy peeing all over the floor. She was dripping, there was a puddle on the floor and poor Eben didn’t know what to do. He picked her up and carried her up the stairs, dripping as they went. As they were headed up the stairs, Lucy informed Eben that “Safi lick up pee.” Apparently what she was saying didn’t exactly register until he got upstairs. Then it sunk in, and sure enough, Safi helped with the clean-up effort. Yech! Needless to say, Lucy is so very good at communicating now too.

Big Kid Beds

July 31st, 2010 by Eben

Lucy has a lot of practice sleeping in beds other than her crib. She borrows other kiddos’ cribs. She sleeps in a pack-n-play. She dozes in the car. She even sleeps in our bed from time to time (only for a little bit, if we’re lucky). Here she is trying out our guest bed:


We were starting to think it might be time to introduce her to a “big kid bed.” With this in mind, I was with her at Ikea and asked if she wanted to try out the big kid bed which they had in the kids’ section (these were still quite small, being designed for young kids, specifically). Here’s the result:


That day at Ikea, we happened to be on our way to the lake, where there are bunk beds in the room that Lucy sleeps in. First, she tried a nap in the bottom bunk. It seemed to go ok, so that night, she slept the whole night on the big kid bed!


She only fell out once.

While we haven’t switched out her crib at home just yet, this new development leads to all kinds of interesting opportunities. Everywhere we go, she can try out a new bed. In fact, last weekend in Vermont, Lucy would fall asleep on a futon, and then we’d move her into a personal, kid-size tent.


The tent had it’s share of amusing results (we came to bed one night to find Lucy had slid almost all the way out and was sleeping on the floor with just her legs and feet in the tent), but Lucy seemed pretty ok with it.

In any case, we’ll be considering options for Lucy’s first big kid bed at home.

Summer with the Goose

July 31st, 2010 by Eben

Wow. Ok. So… We haven’t done a proper post in quite some time. There’s been a lot going on! Lucy had her birthday (attended by the usual string of parties and presents, spread out over several weeks), and now she is two! Bampa was here for that week, and we had a successful unveiling of the birthday dollhouse followed (later in the day) by a dinner at Dozen of “mackie-cheese” and cupcake.


Many thanks to Bampa for trekking down for the week! We had a great visit.


That weekend, we had Lucy’s big birthday party. It was a great success with family, friends, and neighbors in attendance (including many kiddos running this way and that). It’s very nice to be so friendly with the families on our street and in our neighborhood. I think Lucy will have many friends up and down the block!


The rainbow cupcakes (also from Dozen) were a big hit! Many thanks to family again, this time Grandmom and Granddad, for the huge help throwing this shindig.

Our newly-minted two-year-old has not wasted any time adding to her life experiences. With music class going so well, Laura thought a dance class would be good. Lucy does like to move. As it turns out, ballet seemed to be the only option with a readily available two-year-old class; and not just any ballet either, ballet at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre! Those who know Lucy might think “hmm… ballet? That seems a little structured…,” but she seemed to really like it. While she didn’t often follow along in class, she loves showing off her passé and tendu at home.


There was another little girl in the class named Lucy, too, and, since she had a little more experience with ballet class, she was very good at pulling our Lucy into it.


Of course, it helped that Lucy really liked the leotard, tights, tutu, and shoes!


In other Arts development, Lucy has also now officially been to see a movie – not at a movie theater though. We went with some friends (led by Loring!) to an outdoor showing of Where the Wild Things Are (Pittsburgh Citiparks does some neat stuff in the Summer). In any event, we weren’t sure if the movie would be too scary or whether she’d even stay awake, but in the end, she watched almost the whole thing. We had to leave a bit before it finished as she was getting tired, but she seemed to enjoy the movie itself. [Aside: I really enjoyed it too but still haven't managed to watch the last 20 minutes.] Going with friends and having a picnic dinner beforehand was a good idea, and Lucy really liked jumping from lap to lap during the movie.

We’ve had the pleasure of several house guests over the past month. Loring and Kate stayed a night before heading West. Lucy misses Loring greatly. However, as soon as Loring drove off, Aunt Na-nah (Jana) arrived for a week. Jana did a great job of hanging out with Lucy while Laura and I were at work. The heat that week was brutal, so Lucy and Aunt Jana spent a lot of time at the public pool (a membership there was money well spent).

Lucy is pretty “high energy,” so Jana gets all the more credit for keeping up! Thanks, Jana.

Amy and Julia also came for a visit (overlapping slightly with Jana). It was great to see them and to watch how much Lucy enjoyed her time with them. They introduced us to some other local friends/kiddos, and she took them all to the Aviary and introduced them to the penguins!


We also got in a quick visit with Jen, Jeff, Audrey, and Jackson when they were on their way through town a few weeks ago. Of course, Lucy took them to the Children’s Museum.

All in all, it’s been a great Summer so far. And we still have August ahead of us! I’ve left out a few of the good stories, saving them for separate posts, so stay tuned. Be sure to hit up Flickr for more (many, many more) pictures from the last couple months!

Happy Day, Lucy Chase!

June 9th, 2010 by Eben

Dearest Lucy Chase,
You were so good about singing “Happy Day” to your Grandmom a week and a half ago. And you have been practicing singing your name, “Lucy Chase.” Finally, after all that practice, it’s your birthday! We can all sing to (and with) you!

Now you are two (for real), and though you have many years ahead of you, you have already grown so much. Here you are two years ago:


One year ago:


And one day ago:

One Day Shy of Two

You are such a little girl, so talkative and energetic and happy! We love you so.

Happy (Birth)Day, Lucy Chase!
Momma and Daddy

Cool off

June 4th, 2010 by Laura

Here’s how Lucy likes to cool off. She’s also fond of standing next to the fan and announcing that she is cooling off her tummy.

Still hot here!

Uncle Duck and These Guys

May 23rd, 2010 by Eben

Lucy has taken to calling Justus “Uncle Duck” (with some support and encouragement from all involved parties). It comes out sounding more like “Uck Guck” but is uttered with such affection that it is almost always recognizable. Of course, this fact has become clear during Justus’s recent visit, during which Lucy demonstrated that distance can indeed make the heart grow fonder. For about a week prior to his arrival, Lucy would excitedly tell us how “Uck Guck” was coming to “Cece’s home.” When he arrived in the flesh, she was, at first, a little more reserved, but after a very short warm-up period, she became as attached to him as to just about anyone else (with the exception of Momma, of course). When Justus and I went out to help a friend move, Lucy apparently spent a good deal of time seeking reassurance that Uncle Duck was returning. After he left to return to Philly, she spent a good deal of time happily repeating his name, “Hello! Uck Guck! Hello!”


Also, we must use the term “guys” for generic “things,” because Lucy’s been saying “dees guys” a lot, usually in reference to inanimate objects (though it works for people, dolls, etc, as well). She sounds like she’s from Brooklyn.